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Cycle Compounds

Cycle Compound Bike Compound
100 Series Cycle Compound



100 Series Cycle Compound

Cycle Compound 100 series

Secure Cycle Storage, Cycle Compound, based on the Urban Street Products Span-100 Series Modular System. This striking design can incorporate multi-coloured translucent side cladding, available in almost any colour.  The perfect bike storage solution for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Hospitals.

Inside, the Double stacking (2-Tier) cycle racks provide space efficient storage for cycles. The Span –100 Cycle Compound is available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate any number of bikes.


Versatile and secure a standard size unit is available accommodating 50 cycles.

The Standard Size includes space for Two Tier Racking again in standard sections which fit neatly within the compound.

Alternatively the compound can be made to a bespoke size with a bespoke internal layout.

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